Dry Cleaning Services
Dry Cleaning Service

While Benzinger's Clothing Care offers advanced technology and the latest in environmentally-friendly cleaning science, it’s our unparalleled attention to detail and seven point inspection process that elevates our dry cleaning service to the best garment care available. 

Our team of highly-trained inspectors is dedicated to meeting and exceeding client expectations and our multi-tiered inspection process is designed to ensure every issue is addressed every time.

The 7 Point Inspection:


Our Cutomer Experience Team examines every garment we receive for stains, repairs or other anomalies that should be addressed during the cleaning process.


The cleaning technician inspects for stains, repairs, fiber weaknesses, potential issues with embellishments or dyes, then sorts and classifies your garment for proper and effective cleaning.


Every garment is examined for any remaining stains or necessary repairs to buttons or embellishments, then sorted for finishing or re-cleaning.


Finishers inspect each garment as they finish, press, steam, and tension the garment to bring it back to a like-new condition.


Dedicated inspectors examine each garment to ensure that it is clean, any additional work has been completed, and it has been finished to our standards.


Garments are scanned for a cursory surface inspection as they are assembled for packaging.


A final cursory inspection is performed during packaging to catch anything that might have been missed earlier in the process.